Refined starters as a taste of what’s to come

Easy to digest and freshly prepared 

A hearty tomato soup, dates wrapped in bacon or delicate beef tartare – our starters are varied and whet your appetite for more.

Whether cold or warm, vegetarian or with fish or meat, our small appetisers are not too overwhelming and form the ideal start to the main menu.

Brechts Appetizers

Tataki of pickled salmon
Tataki: fried on the outside, raw on the inside | toasted ciabatta | wasabi lime vinaigrette
14,50 €
Carpaccio of beef fillet pounded by hand | capers | pine nuts | Parmesan cheese
15,00 €
Black Tiger shrimps
5 Black Tiger shrimps | confit tomatoes | snake beans and rosemary aioli
16,00 €
IRL carpaccio of ox
Carpaccio of beef fillet, grass fed pounded by hand | capers | pine nuts | Parmesan cheese
19,00 €
Surf & turf
100g argentinian fillet of beef (medium) with one shrimp
IRL steak tartare (120g) from a hand-cut beef fillet
two egg yolks | brown bread chip | fermented cucumber
beef tartare | fried shrimps | Pimientos | dates wrapped in bacon | hummus I beetroot tartare | tomato and bean cream | brown bread

For 2 – 8 people; per person 14,50 €

Classic Appetizers

Dates wrapped in bacon
caramelized walnuts
5,50 €
7,00 €
+ with shrimp
+3,00 €
Onion soup
with Parmesan cheese crostini
8,00 €
Brechts’ currywurst
with homemade curry sauce | fried onions
8,50 €
Beetroot tartare
with pickled fig | apple relish | goat cheese cream
10,50 €

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