A wide variety of dishes

Tasty classics

In addition to steaks and burgers, you can also choose from our special main courses. From classic Wiener Schnitzel to grilled chicken with rosemary potatoes, there is something for every taste. Discover our diverse selection of delicious dishes.


Pasta Rifi
beef fillet strips | cherry tomatoes | aragula | cream sauce | pasta penne
19,00 €
Chicken on the grill
chicken | snake beans | potato wedges with herbs | sour cream
19,00 €
Spare Ribs
BBQ Sauce | Potato wedges with herbs | Cole slaw
22,00 €
Wiener Schnitzel
Veal schnitzel | lukewarm potato-cucumber salad | cranberry | lemon
26,00 €
Grilled Rumpsteak «Strindberg» (250g)
truffled Parmesan mashed potatoes | fried mushrooms | Strindberg crust
Surf & Turf
180g fillet of beef with two shrimps | snake beans | truffled mashed potatoes

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