Easter at BRECHTS

Family & Friends brunch for 4 people

Easter is a good occasion to have a good time with family and friends.

DAILY 12 am-2 pm / INSTEAD OF 331,50 FOR 265,20 € ( 20% SPRING DISCOUNT)
Enjoy our all-inclusive Family & Friends spring offer incl. drinks every day

// Appetizer


with parmesan crostini

// Main course

( The main courses are put together exclusively for you as a brunch )

STEAK TASTING FOR 4 PEOPLE (300-400g / person)

Samples of 6 different steaks German, Irish and dry age, 50-60 g each

Grilled fillet of beef, rib eye and rump steak, dry age rib eye, dry age rump steak incl. pepper sauce, fries and side salad

// Dessert


Oat cookie crumble | cream cheese cream | pineapple and mango salad

// Drinks

4 x sparkling wine, 1 bottle of Chardonnay or Merlot, 1 bottle of mineral water 0.75l


Mixed grilled meat for 2 people

Easter is a good time to enjoy a good meal with family and friends.

TGL. 12am-23pm / INSTEAD OF 144,50 € ONLY 115,60 € ( 20% SPRING DISCOUNT)
Enjoy our all-inclusive Family & Friends spring offer incl. drinks every day

// Beforehand

ENGEL | DE | Riesling sparkling wine extra dry

// Fresh from the grill


Grilled fillet of beef, rib eye and rump steak with fries

fries, pepper sauce and side salad,

approx. 350g meat per person

// Drinks

2 x sparkling wine 0.1l, 1 bottle of Chardonnay or Merlot, 1 bottle of mineral water 0.75l

Offers available at Brechts until 30.04.2024

Pre-orders for groups, at Brechts
by mail: reservierung@brechts.de

Offers for at home

All offers also available as ready-to-eat cooking boxes for collection and with Germany-wide shipping.
Orders via https://shop.ganymed-brechts.de/


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Collaboration on Schiffbauerdamm

Schiffbauerdamm in Berlin-Mitte is a riverside street with history and a location on the water that connects different venues with each other. In order to allow this neighbourhood with its promenade by the Spree on Schiffbauerdamm to shine again in its old glory, five restaurateurs have founded the association “Die Fünf vom Schiffbauerdamm” (The Five from Schiffbauerdamm). The gastronomy that the five represent are the Italian restaurant Vaporetto, the Cologne institution Ständige Vertretung, the capital city pub Berliner Republik, Murphy’s Irish Pub, Brechts Steakhaus, Vincent Piano Bar, the wine bar Bar à Vin and the French Ganymed Brasserie.

Thanks to self-financing before the corona crisis, the restaurants, together with the Waterways and Shipping Office, set up a railing and continuous reinforcement along the bank, thus creating Berlin’s longest and largest summer terrace, which is managed by all five members. The uniform appearance benefits the overall look of Schiffbauerdamm. Michael Pankow says: “We restaurateurs feel at home in this neighbourhood and we want to create unforgettable, culinary moments for all our guests. The redesigned and now opened Spree waterside promenade is a highlight for the city. It is the longest and most beautiful terrace on the Spree in Mitte, the heart of Berlin.”

The small neighbourhood around Schiffbauerdamm is located in the heart of Mitte, is considered safe and is well connected. In addition to busses, trams, and Friedrichstrasse S-Bahn and U-Bahn, you can even moor by boat. This district has been known for what is has to offer since the golden 1920s – combining art, culture and gastronomy. The famous “Berliner Ensemble” is in the immediate vicinity, and Friedrichstrasse with the Tränenpalast, Museum Island and the government district are all within walking distance. “The Five from Schiffbauerdamm” want to contribute further attractions and events in the future in order to continue the legendary times in the neighbourhood: from the festival of flâneurs to the art market.

The association includes the Niederhuebner family (Vaporetto), Jörn Brinkmann and Jan Bubinger (Ständige Vertretung), René Gamper along with managing director Fabian Granow (Berlin Republic), Sam Lewin and operations manager Till Haffner (Murphy’s Irish Pub), and Michael Pankow (Ganymed, Brechts, Vincent and Bar á Vin). They joined forces during the coronavirus crisis so as to look ahead with mutual strength and to present the Schiffbauerdamm in a new way. Jörn Brinkmann: “We are very much looking forward to being able to offer our neighbours and Berliners a central and beautiful place to relax with the new terrace. As a small, flexible association, The Five from Schiffbauerdamm will continue to work to make the surrounding area attractive and well-known for people about town and those interested in art and culture.”